Novosibirsk State University installations

A collaboration with Novosibirsk State University resulted in two installations for its Museum of Archaeology: The Denisovian and Art Beyond Time. We have used interactive solutions such as:
• 3D animation and graphics;
• digital reconstruction;
• holographic projection;
• content for touch screens;
• interactive games;
• video content for multimedia and video walls.

The Denisovian exhibition is housed over four multisensory tables and comprises 3d reconstruction of Palaeolithic man’s activity as well as modern-day archaeological methods. Our content makes the information easily accessible, with 3D graphics and animation playing to the strength of the exhibition. The museum guide is able to relay the information to other multimedia devices, thus allowing the visiting audience to view the artefacts in detail.

The exhibition Art Beyond Time, is an educational interactive display of ancient man’s rock art. There are two parts: petroglyphs and palm prints.
The petroglyphs part explains the rock art techniques, while the palm prints section allows the visitors to simulate the process of printing their own hand prints on the virtual rockface.
The effect of the visitors’ presence ‘inside the cave’ is intensified through the use of software which recognises the individual’s exact location and projects the beam of their ‘torch’ onto the rockface of the cave’s interior.

  • Client:

    Novosibirsk State University.